What should I pay attention when i customizing cotton canvas bags?

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Cotton Tote Bag

Canvas bag is a collective name for a series of cloth bags made of canvas. There are canvas tote bags and canvas wine bags that are more common in our lives.

Because of its own characteristics, it is easily used by many companies and brands as a medium for product promotion. The company's brand logo, promotional statements, product introduction, etc. are printed on canvas bags and distributed to consumers or potential consumption in various ways. By. Let them move through our lives with everyone's habits in daily life, while facilitating people's lives, silently doing the work of brand marketing.

A high-quality canvas bag can have a great influence on the brand and product in the process of brand and product promotion. It may not be the most important part of the marketing promotion process, but it is a more practical and easier to consume. The media that people accept and disseminate. So, for us, what issues need attention in the customization of canvas bags?

1. The quality of the canvas bag, whether it is a canvas bag or a canvas tote bag, quality is the first thing to pay attention to. Use a canvas bag for packaging. Good quality means protection of the product. Use a canvas bag as a tote bag. Good quality means that the company's brand attaches great importance to product details, representing the brand's intentions and the importance it attaches to consumers.
Of course, quality is a collective term and a vague statement. We often say that we must make good quality canvas bags and make them cost-effective. But for many people, they do n’t have a clear concept about this. So, With regard to the quality of canvas bags, what aspects should we pay attention to?
Cloth, look at the color of the cloth, feel at the second. The color should be matched with the product it is packaged to promote the color of the product itself, and the feel is convenient, because the main component of canvas is cotton, so the level of cotton content and the thickness of the texture will have a great sense of hand Impact.
2. Workmanship. The influence of workmanship is mainly on whether the cable head and pins are uniform. The precise workmanship is very high for a finished bag, just like our clothes. When we buy, we are not willing. Seeing the appearance of thread ends, at the same time, I do not want to see irregular stitches.
3. Printing and printing is a very important part of the work of canvas bags. The spread of brands and product characteristics are largely spread through the patterns printed on canvas bags. Therefore, the quality of printing is good or bad. , Will directly affect the overall effect of the product, I believe that each of us will not be willing to use products with printing problems.

4. Price, product dissemination and packaging are part of the product, and also need corresponding costs. For many of our products, before entering the market, they have appropriate pricing after market research. At this time, if the cost of packaging is too high, it will affect the price of the product entering the market, and even directly affect the product's revenue. Therefore, price is an issue that cannot be ignored at any time.
The above are the issues that we all need to consider, or the issues we must consider when customizing canvas bags. However, many of our friends do not have a clear concept of these when customizing canvas bags. So, what should we do? Do it? A more reasonable way is to find a suitable canvas bag custom manufacturer and customize the canvas bag directly from the source.

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