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Many organizers will have some brochures to help promote their products or companies. The exquisite printed pattern with very attractive text is the most direct way to convey the corporate culture and killer meaning, therefore people will like to prepare Many beautiful brochures. At the exhibition. For people to appreciate. Before doing photo album printing, we must make some preparations in advance in order to greatly improve efficiency, while making photo albums more in line with our original intention and original intention. In general, some manufacturers are also responsible for editing and proofreading, and can also provide some suggestions. But what they do must be more appropriate, so it's best to be able to send text and pictures directly to the album for printing. For brush manufacturers, it is best to submit general information. In addition to text and pictures, we need to have a basic typographic concept. The printer has experience, but we need to have a perfect effect to estimate the album to be produced. For example, we know where to put important content and where to put pictures. Eyes, this is directly related to printed books and printed products, so we must draw our attention. We need to design some details, such as font color and font size, all of which must be specifically implemented, because it will affect the length of the article and the thickness of the album. We also need to have a basic concept of overall color, such as the printing theme of the album, should choose the appropriate warm color style or cool color style.

Production process before picture printing:
1. Conceive, design, arrange, plan and prepare materials.
2. Use Photoshop to edit pictures, including modification, proofreading, stitching, etc. After processing, the CIFK TIF or EPS file must be changed to 300dpi.
3. Use vector graphics software to create graphics, and then save the EPS file to CMYK.
4. Compile the text file using a plain text writer.
5. Prepare all materials and combine them with typesetting software.
6. Solve the trap printing problem.
7, proofing, proofreading, error correction.
8. Use Postscript printer output to test output availability.
9. Prepare output files, including platforms, software, files, fonts, font lists and locations, and output requirements.
10. Copy all files, including fonts for MO or CDR, to the output company along with the output file.
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