Illustration art and packaging design
First, the difference between illustration and photography

Illustrations use in books and mainly used to explain words. The emergence of illustrations in China can be traced back to the small white pattern on the packaging paper of Liu Jiazhen in the northern Song Dynasty Shandong Jinan, or people on earlier pots Face fish pattern, in terms of its form and functionality, is a narrow existence. Because of this narrow existence, with the advent of the information age, human's exploration of optical principles and the application of imaging technology have made it possible for artists to turn the images worth recording or remembering in everyday life into immortal images. It is because of this possibility that it greatly challenges the original position of illustrations in packaging design. In the design of packaging styles for a long time, the birth of photography technology was the original purpose of packaging, which is effective Performance, efficiency, authenticity, provides a good way and way, from the market alone, its existence provides a powerful energy for the strength of product competition. The original intention of the art of photography was to prove the close connection between the art of beauty and daily life. This concept will not appear to those who keep art away from life interests. Because the ultimate purpose of photography is not to rigidly copy objects, but to consciously reflect the emotions and thoughts connected with the main institutions of social life, that is, "not for art" or "design for design", but photography packaging The development of art has finally shifted. As we all know, modern industry and commerce has an international scope, and a large number of trade and population mobility have weakened the uniqueness and local characteristics of the photographic art. As a result, the original photographic art work with a prominent status became an art sample, that is, it died because of its natural expression. Due to changes in industrialization, designers have pushed aside mainstream ideas that were originally of interest. Packaging art has become mechanized, and designers cannot work mechanically for mass production, which will make the normal cycle of their designers and social services less tight. Therefore, the deviation and stylization of the art of photography packaging provide an opportunity for the resurgence of illustration art. From a historical perspective, the birth or continuation of a theory can always re-energize people's strong motivation to change themselves. In short, the difference of things always attracts people's attention.

Second, the diverse expressions of art given to the times

For the reproduction of real goods, photography technology may be a good choice, while for the characteristics of the goods, emphasizing its distinctive connotation and quality, illustration is a better choice. Usually, a product itself does not cause the user's aesthetic consciousness, but rather than the responsibility for the occurrence of this situation is due to the product design itself, it is rather caused by the single external environmental factor of the product's flow to the market . The unity of this environment is due to the interaction between environment and time. Therefore, the single external environment has been abandoned by the times, and a new visual aesthetic has also been born, that is, the tendency of unity to diversify. The diversity of illustrations is an inevitable result of history. From the annotated pictures of ancient Chinese Buddhist scriptures to the books on religion served in the 15th century Renaissance, illustrations are powerful because of the precious wealth left by their predecessors. The divisions provide a larger space for play and show. The diversification of materials has brought about the diversification of styles. In modern times, special aesthetic "individualism", "abstractism", and "surrealism" have emerged. The bold attempt of "self-expression" is an abnormal idea of trying to exaggerate and separate the original material, but it is because of this thinking that this idea not born for the market is to cater to the economic market and Aesthetic psychological needs provide a good way and foundation. Numerous examples tell us that packaging requires us to make it diverse and innovative.

Application of illustration art in modern packaging design

Commercial packaging design must now pass a certain message to the public in the process of circulation and sales. Therefore, for a qualified product packaging, accurate information expression becomes a most basic constituent element. The design elements such as graphics, text, and color in illustrations are a kind of conceptual art. Designers can completely express the information of the products without limitation, and strive to be concise, clear, and visually impactful. Lack of sufficient product information will frustrate the product in the market. The beginning of painting itself was to serve realistic art, and designers had free and diverse creative space. For example, colors can be rich in color, or a single complementary color with strong contrast, which emphasizes the impact of vision, cleverly utilizes human sensitivity to color, enhances the effectiveness of information conveyed by products, and cleverly Express your content quickly and intelligently. Judging from the illustration art itself, it can effectively express the designer's aesthetic concepts, performance skills, and even the designer's world view and life view. Therefore, under such circumstances, some people have doubts about the effectiveness of the art of illustration in conveying the information in packaging design, and the direct relationship between the product itself and the packaging is confused. A large number of practical examples show that this situation need not be worried, because this concept does not appear in a good product packaging design. It is the existence of this kind of thought that proves the advantages of illustration art in market competition. As the creative director of Paris Spring Design Department Store said, "When you design, you should initially define the spirit and theme contained in the product, and then give it a spiritual idea. Only a unique idea can make a difference Design. "In globalized commodity competition, information and emotions must serve the national line. Returning to the national line is a wise move for a product package to enable it to find its roots. For example, Starbucks has undergone a localized transformation in mainland China. The cup has extended the pattern on the basis of the original, and uses red as the keynote to reflect the characteristics of China. At the same time, the Ukiyo-e technique was used to transform the cup body in Japan. For a collector, purchasing a product package with its own national characteristics is a powerful proof of its status. Not only individuals, communities and businesses also prove by establishing a series of products that can promote their national characteristics. Its noble cultural taste. The community is willing to spend money to fund art, which reflects its outstanding cultural status and is conducive to the establishment of the cultural mark of the product itself. This also justifies the sentence: "Only the nation is the world."

Fourth, the conclusion

Packaging art is an important auxiliary tool for product promotion, and it is the expression of a product before it is sold. And the reasonable use of illustration art in packaging design can make customers experience the meaning of the product. The rich experience left by our predecessors has provided us with rich materials. Under such a background of the era, illustration art will also provide a special design style. With the joint efforts of designers and businessmen, there will also continue to be packaging designs with Chinese cultural heritage and modern design art style.

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