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Packaging is a technology, which means that in order to achieve the protective, convenient, commercial, accommodating, and reusable functions of general packaging, modern science and technology must be used to achieve it. And form a systematic packaging technology. The main technologies are: mildew-proof packaging technology, waterproof, moisture-proof, and rust-proof packaging technology. Anti-sagging packaging technology, dark packaging technology. Heat-resistant packaging technology, cold-resistant and freezing technology, cushioning packaging technology, vacuum packaging technology, dangerous goods packaging technology including radioactive isotope packaging technology, explosive products, flammable packaging technology. At the same time, there are fresh-keeping packaging, spray packaging, blister packaging and skin-packing. Hanging packaging, window packaging, closed packaging technology, etc.

The development of the packaging industry involves a wide range of technical reforms, technology development, technology introduction, technological innovation and rationalization suggestions for packaging companies. Technological development is an important means to achieve technological progress. Through technological development, creation or application of new technologies, it promotes technological advancement of enterprises and improves the modernization level of production and management of enterprises. It is an important way for enterprises to significantly improve economic benefits. Technological transformation is to apply advanced scientific and technological achievements at home and abroad, which are suitable for the situation of my return to China, and apply them to relevant fields of the enterprise. The advanced technology is used to transform the backward technology, and the advanced technology and equipment are used to replace the backward technology and equipment. The expansion of reproduction to achieve improved product quality, progressive product upgrading, reduce consumption, save energy, protect the environment, achieve safe and civilized production, comprehensively promote scientific and technological progress and improve economic benefits. All this is related to improving the management, technology and technical equipment of the entire packaging industry, and it is also the content that packaging technology and packaging science must study.
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