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Self-adhesive is a type of printing material. Adhesive labels are divided into two categories. One is a paper sticker, and the other is a film sticker. Paper stickers are mainly used for liquid washing products and popular personal care products. At present, popular personal care products and household liquid washing products in the market occupy a large proportion, so corresponding paper materials are used more.

Different types of materials and labels for different uses use different processes. The general label printing machine is a multi-functional device, and the processing factory can develop printing processing technology according to customer requirements. The process of self-adhesive label printing process is as follows: unwinding

1, intermittent: there is no tension change when unwinding the web, so no adjustment is needed. It is applied on flattening and round flattening labeling machines with slow unwinding speed. Since this type of equipment does not have a paper positioning correction device, the end surface of the roll paper is required to be neat to ensure accurate overprinting during printing.

2. Continuous: used in round transformation round labeling machine. Because the tension of the paper changes when the diameter and speed of the roll paper change, this device has an automatic or manual tension control mechanism and a roll paper correction correction device to ensure smooth paper feeding and print quality.

Hot stamping and flattening: applied to round flattening and flattening labeling machines with low speed. Round stamping: It is applied to the round stamping label printing machine with high speed and continuous hot stamping. Generally it is rarely used, and the gold stamping process is generally used instead of hot stamping. Printing and flattening: suitable for small area and simple pattern printing, such as price tags, barcodes, etc.

Round flattening: suitable for solid label printing with general pattern, and simple color screen printing. Round pressing round is suitable for all kinds of graphic label printing, especially suitable for high-grade color mesh tone label printing. UV printing: In the above three printing methods, after adding UV drying, you can print film stickers. First stamping, then printing on UV-free equipment, using ordinary ink, the disadvantage is that the design of the printed pattern is limited. First printing, then bronzing is applied to equipment with UV drying device. After the ink is quickly dried, it will be bronzed on the ink. The design of the bronzing pattern is free from the restrictions of ink. Craft.

Coating on the ground: Coating a layer of varnish on the surface of the ink, the purpose is to protect the ink layer, moisture-proof, waterproof and improve the surface gloss. It can replace the coating process and adopt UV drying method. Laminating on paper or film material, the purpose is to protect the ink, waterproof and moisture, increase the strength of the label, and increase the three-dimensional impression of the pattern.

Lamination is divided into bottomed paper lamination and bottomless paper lamination. The latter is currently widely used due to its low cost.

According to the requirements of the process, there are two kinds of composite transparent film and matte film, the former is more common. Punching applications are not common and are mainly used for computer printed labels. The requirement is to punch the positioning drive holes on both sides of the label, or the label applied to the price tag gun, and it is required to punch holes in the middle of the label for positioning and driving.

Die-cutting of the self-adhesive label is a semi-cutting process, that is, only the surface material is cut through and the backing paper is retained.

Divided into two processing methods: such as flat die cutting, suitable for various label printing machines, manual plate making, low cost, short plate making cycle, but low viscosity, suitable for short version live printing processing.

At present, almost all domestic label factories use flat die cutting. The other is circular die cutting, which is applied to equipment with round pressing and round labels. It has fast speed, high die cutting viscosity, and is suitable for long plate printing. The disadvantages are large plate making cost and long cycle. At present, the die cutting rolls of domestic manufacturers are generally processed abroad. The delivery paper can be roughly divided into cut-sheet delivery and folded delivery, so that the self-adhesive label printing can be processed.

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