What are the different sizes for paper bags? How do we choose the right paper bag size?

The choice of paper bag size generally depends on the style. The style is different, and the size is naturally different. Under normal circumstances, paper bag styles are divided into two types of horizontal and vertical, the two types are different in size, how can we make the best use of raw materials, reduce costs for our products, as a industry with 25 years experiences, We have something to say about paper bag customization.

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1, how to calculate the size of horizontal and vertical paper bags, which size is the most cost-effective size.

We have all talked about before. A paper bag is actually a whole expanded view, which is printed and cut and processed. Because the overall width of the paper is limited, this makes the size of the paper bag determine the degree of waste of paper, because a piece of paper remains The leftovers cannot be used, and can only be sold as waste in the form of waste paper. Therefore, when we design, we can try to lean to some standard sizes according to our needs, because these sizes are passed by us. Calculated, the most suitable paper, but also the most realistic price.

From the perspective of vertical paper bags, we generally recommend that consumers use the following sizes:

31 * 12 * 40, 26 * 12 * 36, 25 * 11 * 32, 22 * 11 * 28, 16 * 8 * 21

Designed according to the ratio of length to width, these paper bags are the most material-saving and can maximize the cost performance of your product.

2, from the perspective of horizontal paper bags, the ratio of these paper bag sizes is different.

Because the height of the horizontal paper bag is not high but the length is longer, the effect of the expanded image is naturally different. Our best use of the size of the horizontal paper bag is naturally changed. If you change the height and length, the effect will definitely be different. We generally recommend the size of the horizontal paper bag.

3. Sometimes when designing the size of the paper bag, it must be adjusted according to the actual situation.

We also know that in actual production, our materials and products are uncertain. If the size of the product is similar to the size of the paper bag we recommend, then we can naturally follow the design, but if the size of the paper bag is significantly different Next, I still recommend customers not to save a little bit of money and make your consumer ’s experience bad, after all, the purpose of making paper bags is to better serve consumers. The size is too rigid, so the purpose of saving money will not be achieved, but it will make your consumers leave you.

The size of the paper bag is ever-changing. Regardless of the material or the product, we should take the customer experience first. Based on this, we are comparing according to the standard size. If feasible, then our paper bag selection is correct, and vice versa.

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