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Seemingly simple packaging, but much learned. To make exquisite packaging, the printing process is still very particular.

Packaging printing refers to printing decorative patterns, patterns or text on the packaging, thereby making the product easier to align or indicate descriptive. Generally speaking, custom packaging box quotations need to be quoted according to the customer's needs. So what are the packaging printing processes?

Golden Hot stamping

Heat the metal plate. foil. Gold text or patterns are embossed on printed matter, and the rapid development of hot stamping foil and packaging industries, the application of anodized aluminum hot stamping is becoming more and more widespread.

Bronzing process

Hot silver process


UV is ultraviolet, UV is short for "UV transparent oil" is the full name, that is, the ink can be dried and cured by ultraviolet radiation. At present, UV inks have covered offset printing, silk screen, inkjet, pad printing and other fields. UV, which is commonly referred to in the traditional printing industry, is a printing effect process. It is a layer of varnish on a pattern you want to print (There are bright, matte, replace crystal, glitter powder, etc.), mainly to increase product brightness and artistic effects, protect the product surface, its hardness, corrosion resistance and friction, not easy to appear scratch marks, some cover film products ready-made UV Can meet environmental protection requirements, but UV products are not easy to replace, and some can only be solved by local UV or polishing.


In terms of embossing, the process of forming a pattern on a printed object by using pressure to locally change it uses a concave-convex mold to plastically deform the printed part under a certain pressure. Thereby performing artistic processing on the printed surface. Both ordinary corrosion version and expensive laser engraving version.
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