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Usually the clothing tags we see on the market are a combination of several processes. A tag has a combination of UV, hot silver, bump and other processes. The same tag is printed with different processes with completely different effects. The tag has a pivotal position in clothing. The carrier of tag information transmission and the quality of the tag determine different Grades of clothing brands. At present, the main techniques of the popular tags are: UV, hot stamping, bump, glue, flocking, etc. The following Zhitong printing editor summarizes the special techniques and characteristics of the tags:

1. UV process:

Its role is to make the printed paper shiny and effectively protect the surface of the paper. It is a treatment process for the paper surface after the paper is printed.

2. Hot stamping / silvering process:

This tag is common and fashionable. Specifically, the scientific name of hot stamping is anodized aluminum stamping, which is a special printing process. This kind of printing does not use ink. With a certain pressure and temperature, the template mounted on the hot stamping machine is used to make the paper and hot stamping foil squeeze each other in a short time to transfer the graphics on the hot stamping template to the surface of the paper.

3. Bump process:

The embossing process uses a set of concave and convex stencils corresponding to the yin and yang of the graphic to emboss the surface of the printed matter into a three-dimensional relief-like pattern (the printed matter is partially raised to give it a three-dimensional effect and cause visual impact.

4. Laminating process:

Film coating refers to coating a layer of adhesive film on the surface of the tag to protect and increase gloss. There are light film, dumb film, touch film, wear-resistant, anti-scratch and other processes.

5. Dispensing process:

It is a paper post-processing process. After the tag is printed, the high-purity epoxy resin is liquefied in a high-temperature environment and adheres to the surface of the tag to form various patterns.

6. Flocking process:

This process is a bit complicated. To put it simply, the process is to use the physical characteristics of charge homogeneous repulsion and opposite attraction to attract fluff to the surface of the paper coated with adhesive.
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