A Cold Transfer Printing Sticker make You Difference

A Cold Transfer Printing Sticker was a bit of important information that was required by all travellers. They were commonly used in the past, and now have been replaced by other types of travel requirements. These stickers are considered to be collector's items today.

However, there are travellers who yet fancy using a sticker on their travel luggage. These stickers are not required to carry travel information of the passengers anymore but will help your baggage to stand out from the rest and also help in identifying one's baggage faster.ACold Transfer Printing Sticker make your baggage colourful.

A luggage sticker today is used mainly for style, identification, to help your luggage to stand out from the rest, maybe it is the passion or hobby of the traveller or for any other personal reason.  Given below are some of the available categories:

o Destination Stickers

o Alphabet and Phrase Stickers

o Travel-themed Stickers

o Tropical Stickers

We can design and customize a wide range of cold-printed stickers to enrich your life.

1. Cavallini Vintage Bon Voyage Stickers: They will look great on your luggage or even a backpack. They come in a pack of 24 assorted stickers of varied sizes and have been printed on high-quality paper from Italy.

2. Suitcase Travel Quote Sticker: A unique sticker featuring a colourful image of stacked luggage with a quote saying, "Journey, adventure, seek, travel and explore....the stuff of life."

3. Kid's Cruise Stickers: An exciting little item for kid's who are planning to travel. They will enjoy having them on their luggage. They are colourful, kid-friendly images and cruise icons are depicted on these stickers.

4. Jumbo Airplane Stickers: The sheet includes 4 stickers and these are images of air travel. The jumbo airplane sticker says, "1st Class All the Way', 'Up, Up and Away' and other quotes such as these.

5. Golden Era Travel Stickers: A great sticker to have some memories of the past. From the Golden Age of Travel this sheet features popular transportation modes, luggage pieces and more.

6. Globe Trotter Travel Stickers: Perfect for any type of vacation luggage. These stickers are 3-dimensional with an antique look and have some glitter on them as well. A variety of words and images are found in this pack of 10 stickers.

7. Colourful Kid's Trip Stickers: Another set of stickers which will interest children. Featuring suitcases, an airplane and travel phrases.

To keep our past memories alive, it will be terrific to have a Luggage Sticker on our baggage the next time we travel on a long distance journey.

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